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Since 1939, Northfork Electric has provided reliable and competitively priced electricity to our members. Your cooperative is your trusted source for energy so that you can truly weigh the cost and benefits of all forms of alternative energy. NFEC recognizes that some members have an interest in solar energy, however, many times the information received may be confusing or incomplete. We want to ensure that our members know what to expect when considering a solar generating system for their residence.

Remember: Before you install a renewable energy source for your property, we strongly recommend you do everything you can to improve your current energy efficiency. A few simple measures such as adding insulation and weather stripping can reduce your overall energy consumption. You may be able to save thousands of dollars in up-front costs by reducing the size of the system to meet your energy needs. Understanding your energy usage will also help to prepare you for making an informed decision on your alternative energy purchases.


Solar Energy Installations Brochure - A Basic Guide For NFEC Members


Since each home and situation is unique, please call us at 580-928-3366 so that we can help.

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