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Solar Kits

Northfork Electric has partnered with Today's Power to offer 




  • Parallel architecture enables cell-independent energy production. Multiple pathways mitigate the impact of shading and soiling and eliminate the single point of failure issues found in traditional solar panels.
  • Redundant Inverter Bus combines multiple low voltage inverter modules in an inversion package that converts from DC-to-AC at the highest possible efficiency.
  • Additionally, because of the inherent redundancy in the inversion system, a failure of one inverter has limited impact on system generation, ensuring maximum uptime and eliminating expensive emergency site maintenance.


  • Pushing the limits of conventional solar, our modules perform well despite everyday challenges like shade. Snow? Or even damage to a panel? NO PROBLEM.
  • Sealed Components & No Moving Parts = Less Maintenance.
  • Internal module voltage never exceeds 15 Volts, reducing lifetime stress to cells and interconnections and eliminating the effects of Potential Induced Degradation (PID).
  • Modules are constructed with an aluminum backsheet, significantly enhancing their environmental robustness. Yesterday’s PV modules utilize plastic backsheets which are subject to both environmental degradation and water vapor ingress.
  • Solar’s Best Warranty - Power warranted for 92.2% of max after 25 years, guaranteeing the best return on your investment.


  • Unlike conventional solar, our solar kits and utility-scale arrays pose zero threat to end-users. Not exceeding 57 volts, our systems are safe to the touch and assure safety during installation and beyond.
  • Module operates below the internal arc threshold of 18V DC, to ensure your solar investment never becomes a fire risk. These systems are the only systems that operates at this safe, low voltage.
  • No rooftop penetration - which leads to untimely roof damage and costly repairs.
  • Each module features a rapid shutdown controller, making it the first module in the solar industry to have such a feature natively equipped. Both the module and inverter are certified with a Class A fire rating according to UL 1703 testing guidelines.

  • The use of solar energy is a sustainable solution to the energy challenges of today. Not only do solar energy systems generate energy with zero greenhouse gas emissions, but are also a responsible investment economically.
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Adds value to land and home
  • Hedges against future rate increases

Are you interested in learning more about residential solar kits? Call us at 580-928-3366. 

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